I am a 22-year old Korean American artist based in Los Angeles whose work explores sexual and gender identity through a belligerent questioning of self.

My transdisciplinary practice finds a language between figurative painting, sculpture, and video performance that explores Asian Bottomhood and Asian-American inscrutability to challenge white, phallocentric, heteronormative systems of power. While I critique the violent stereotypes that flatten my being into a yellow, queer body, I find the power within these flat spaces to reconfigure myself against a limitless plane of existence. 

These works will draw from and subvert phallic power through the elongation of limbs and leverage holes and tubes to circulate such power around an insular body. Inspired by William Pope. L’s Hole Theory to confront the “lacking” within physical, psychic, and cultural space as a means of liberation and empowerment, these works investigate sexual and gender identity through my own holes, pores, and orifices.